fat cat

We love cats. And cats loves boxes. But where most cats like to play with cardboard boxes, hide in them and sleep in them, Charcol finds far more satisfaction in chewing them up instead!

Check out a video of the giant feline demolishing a box below!

Meet Charcoal, Mayanmar’s favourite cat! Like many popular felines these days, he even has his own Facebook page. But unlike other Internet-famous cats, Charcoal is one hefty feline, weighing in at 45 pounds (just shy of 21 kilos). While that might raise eyebrows, it’s not the most unusual thing about our fluffy friend. When he’s not lying around doing absolutely nothing, he likes to munch on cardboard boxes.

▼ “You can’t run and you can’t hide, Mr. Box!”


Charcoal is nearly the same size as this human child. Though, to be fair, that’s a pretty small kid. And we bet the kid isn’t keeping the world safe from the cardboard menace by eating them all either!

And yes, we are serious about Charcoal supplementing his diet with nutritious cardboard. Watch Charcoal shred up a tasty cardboard box in the video below.

His teeth certainly make light work of the box. Now, we have to wonder, is this part of a new diet he is on? Or is he 45 pounds because he munches on absolutely everything, including cardboard boxes? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure, all that cardboard shredding is hard work. Charcoal thinks it’s time for a nap.

basket charcoal

Sadly, he will have to settle for a plastic tray to sleep in, now that he’s mangled all his comfy cardboard boxes!

Source: Coconuts Yangon
Images: Facebook (Charcoal)