McDonald’s Japan has seen its profits tumble over the last year especially, mostly due to safety concerns after tainted meat was found to be have been used in some of its products. The situation is not nearly as dire over in Europe, but if the following tweet is to believed, it seems McDonald’s staff in France could work on their food presentation skills.

In Japan, even though standards are not always met, it’s as equally as important that food looks as good as it tastes. Japanese Twitter user @otoha_akane ordered an M&M McFlurry from a McDonald’s outlet in Paris, however, and was not impressed with what she was served.

▼ “It looks like a pile of rubbish,” she tweets.

Unbelievably, this picture has been retweeted over 9,500 times! Clearly the internet masses concur!

She was probably expecting it to look more like this:

A case of false advertising or managing expectations? We can’t tell if this is what all the M&M’s Mcflurries look like in France, but surely the M&M’s are supposed to be more or less whole? Either way, this McFlurry looks like it’s been dusted with a a speckled mess of chocolate sawdust.

You could say that McDonald’s is facing a bit of an image crisis at the moment. The McFlurry certainly does not look anything like as advertised on the McDonald’s France website, but it does come with a caveat that it is just a serving suggestion.

mcflurry france

Image: McDonald’s France

We’re not convinced that this dessert looks that particularly pretty or appetizing, but it is still chocolate and ice-cream after all, so we reckon it would probably still taste alright, even if this Japanese Twitter user is not especially “lovin’ it” .

Source: Hachima Kikou
Images: Twitter (@otoha_akane)