When the rain starts falling, people tend to start running to get indoors where they can dry off and drink a nice cup of hot chocolate. Or Jack Daniels, depending on age. But how often do we spare a thought for all the poor wildlife caught in the downpour? If you’re anything like this Twitter user, probably quite often!

Last week saw a strong wind storm warning in one of Japan’s old capitals, Nara, which probably put a damper on sightseeing plans for those hoping to check out places like Todaiji. But visiting people weren’t the only ones put out by the rain! Nara is also famous for its adorable, slightly inconvenient deer, and while we’d assumed they’re fine going about their business in the rain, they might disagree with us.

One Japanese twitter user, upon hearing about the warning, decided to go check on the deer. This is what she found:


“There’s a wind storm warning in Nara, and I was worried about the deer, so I went to check on them. They were so cute taking shelter from the rain.”

The tweet went viral about as quickly as you would imagine, with lots of Twitter users falling in love with the adorable deer.

▼ “I thought it was just a really popular store and the deer were waiting in line. LOL”

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▼ “I thought they would be blown away by the storm!”

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▼ “When it’s raining this badly, it’s tough even for the deer.”

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Of course, Nara is regularly exposed to heavy rain, so we expect the deer are used to hiding from precipitation. Fortunately, they’re not scared of people, so for them, taking cover from the rain just means meandering over to an awning and sitting down next to all the shivering humans. They’re almost like cats, but several times larger and even more likely to ignore you if you don’t have food.

While we feel bad for the deer caught outside in the rain, they do make for some very cute photos, as you can see in the tweets below from this year and last!

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▼ We’re not sure who the umbrella was meant for, but it belongs to the deer now!

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▼ Nara deer waiting out the rain

[tweet align=center]

▼ The real purpose of all those old buildings: To protect deer from the rain!

[tweet align=center] [tweet align=center]

▼ “Screw it! I’m just going inside the store!”

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It’s a good thing the deer in Nara are so small! If they were much bigger, we bet they wouldn’t all be able to fit under the eaves!

Source: Otaku News, Naver Matome
Images: Otaku News