Take one of South Korea’s most popular Viners, throw in a few prehistoric reptiles, and you’ve got one heck of  a Jurassic World fanmade parody.

Korean internet celebrity Hozzah2’s recent Jurassic World Parody Fanmade Trailer has got just as much action as the Hollywood blockbuster without nearly the same budget. In fact, we just may even like this version more than the original! The hilarity ensues right after the jump.

Clocking in at about two and a half minutes, Hozzah’s fanmade trailer parody is pure, one-woman comic genius. In this version of the video, she juxtaposes her parody on the left with the actual trailer clip on the right, allowing the viewer to see just how faithfully she recreated each cut.

Watch her full fanmade trailer parody here:

Has anyone else noticed how much she bears an uncanny resemblance to Chris Pratt?

▼ Just get rid of the bangs and it’s a perfect match.


▼ On the other hand, she apparently doesn’t have much regard for the character portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard.


But Hozzah’s a versatile actor, and is a master at transforming into not only the human characters, but into several dinosaurs and dino brethren as well:

▼ She’s spot on with the Velociraptors…


▼ Pterosaurs…


▼ A dying Apatosaurus…


▼ …and even Mosasaurus!


Besides her acting skills, the beauty of Hozzah’s video lies in her resourcefulness in depicting the characters using simple objects, including:

▼ Noodles for clawed-off dinosaur flesh


▼ Strategically placed stickers and a toy car


▼ A toy helicopter


▼ Eggs in the fridge


▼ Bottlecaps


▼ …and even fried chicken. Yum.



Somebody, get this video over to Universal Pictures before a Jurassic World sequel is made! They’ve got a perfect candidate for props master in the works.

Sources/Images: YouTube (Hozzah2) via Dorkly