For those looking for a quick and cheap meal in Japan, beef bowls, or gyudon, from fast food chains like Yoshinoya are a great option for both your stomach and your wallet. While in the past we’ve shown you how to make your own Yoshinoya-style beef bowl, odds are if you’re a regular patron of the famous chain or others like it, you probably aren’t that handy in the kitchen.

Still, every now and then people like a change of pace, or they find themselves trying to impress guests with a home-cooked meal. Luckily we have a fried Yoshinoya beef bowl recipe that fits that bill, and best of all it doesn’t require much of your effort or time, granted you have a Yoshinoya nearby.

Once P.K., one of our Japanese reporters, heard about this highly recommended fried Yoshinoya recipe he just had to give it a try. According to true believers, this is the only way to savor the chain’s original beef bowl, and anyone who eats it the regular way is a total pansy. Check out P.K. working his magic below.

As far as ingredients go, you only need three:

● A Yoshinoya beef bowl (P.K. brought home the tokumori, or extra-large)
● Tempura flour
● Vegetable oil

After you’ve assembled everything, cover the beef bowl in tempura flour, heat the oil in a large frying pan or wok, and then dump the beef bowl’s entire contents in and fry until it reaches golden perfection and the aroma of beefy goodness fills the air.


Ta-da! You’re done! It’s ready to serve and eat.


P.K. gives it a taste…


…and a shining smile of approval!


He couldn’t help but agree that the crunchy-on-the-outside and soft-on-the-inside combination was more amazing than he could have ever imagined. It looks like everyone who swears by this recipe was right!

Of course, like many things in the world that taste great, this dish also really packs on the calories. Therefore we only recommend whipping out this recipe every now and then or on special occasions, like when you’re trying to impress somebody with your (almost non-existent) cooking skills.

The tempura flavor adds just enough to be different that nobody has to know it came from Yoshinoya. Just make sure your guests or significant other don’t find the styrofoam take-out containers in the trash.

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