You might not recognize the name Wheel of Pain, but it’s a TV trope so common you’ve certainly seen it: struggling slaves push a giant capstan around and around under the watchful eye of the slavemaster, who is clearly a capital-b Bad Guy for using such a brutal method of… well, of doing something.

You expect to see the Wheel of Pain in pretty much any historical or fantasy movie with human chattel. You don’t expect to see it in a children’s toy catalog.

This picture was posted to Twitter with the comment, “It’s that slave thing…!”

Even better, the toy appears to go by the name Endless Walker and it claims to “meet the desire to walk.” Sure, if the Wheel of Pain can turn Conan the Barbarian from a scrawny kid to a juiced-up beefcake in the space of a montage, it can at least teach your kid to walk.

Commenters seemed to agree that it’s time to put those mooching babies to work.

“It is one of those things! I laughed and then decided I’m going to make my son do it.”
“Let’s generate some power!”
“When I was a baby, my mom stuck tape to my hands and feet so I would clean while crawling around the house.”
“Start your slave training young!”
“Now that’s child labor.”

I’ve just had a horrible thought, you guys. Maybe this is how conveyor belt sushi really works…

H/T Hamster Sokuhou
Top image: TwitterConan the Barbarian