Being a good parent is a constant balancing act. Kids need a chance to prove that they can be responsible and independent, but it’s also important to set boundaries for them, which is why children have curfews.

Of course, there’s no point in putting rules in place without consequences for breaking them. One Japanese Twitter user was recently disappointed by her anime-loving daughter staying out past curfew, and decided to compel her to come home ASAP by placing the punishment where she knew it would hurt most: the posters of her daughter’s favorite animated heartthrob.

With the holiday of Umi no Hi on Monday, last weekend was a three-day weekend in Japan. Like a lot of people, Twitter user Nyaruko’s daughter decided to take advantage of her extra time off by going out with her friends on Sunday. But when her 10:30 p.m. curfew rolled around and she was still out, Nyaruko decided it was time for her daughter to either be home or be disciplined.

Wisely, the miffed mother judged that the punishment should be proportionate to the crime. After all, you lose all leverage in encouraging your disobeying kids to come home if they know their punishment has already topped out, and so Nyaruko chose a clever, time-based penalty, which she announced in a message to her daughter’s smartphone.

See, Nyaruko’s daughter is a big fan of bicycle racing anime Yowamushi Pedal, or at least the franchise’s handsome and haughty Jinpachi Todo.

As a matter of fact, she’s got a couple of posters of the character adorning the walls or her room. We don’t know if the young lady has a preference between the original manga’s artwork by Wataru Watanabe or the anime character designs from Takahiko Yoshida, but we’re fairly certain she’d take either one over the artistic stylings of her mother.

And yet, when Nyaruko’s daughter wasn’t home at 10:33, she decided to give Jinpachi a Hitler mustache, and then make good on her threat by posting a new picture every minute until her daughter walked in the front door.

Given how Japanese women generally feel about facial hair, Nyaruko’s daughter was predictably distraught over her anime crush’s makeover. And yet, her mom remained unmoved by her pleas for clemency.

Nyaruko isn’t actually as heartless as she was leading her daughter to believe, though. Instead of using a magic marker to scribble mustaches on the posters, she simply placed pieces of black tape on them, which could later be peeled off with no damage to the paper underneath. Still, we’re betting her daughter makes it home before curfew next weekend.

Even if her mom was thoughtful enough to make the appropriate choice of a handlebar mustache for the beloved bicyclist.

Source: Twitter/Nyaruko