minecraft castle 01

We’ve featured a lot of incredible Minecraft creations before here on RocketNews24. There have been video games, entire cities, and whole countries, but never before have we seen an entire world.

Japanese Minecraft player Mocchi Hajikura recreated the entire world of the Studio Ghibli film Castle in the Sky… taking an incredible four years in order to complete it. You can see his creation via some spectacular videos that he’s created, making it feel like you’re really there.

Hardcore fans of the film, prepare to cry blocky, 3-D tears of joy.

Here’s the 11-minute video where Mocchi shows off the world he recreated. Keep in mind though that this is only part one of five that he plans on releasing.

Part two is planned to be released on July 22, with parts three to five each coming one a week thereafter. So everything that’s he’s created is approximately five times bigger than just what you see here. That’s… kind of crazy.

▼ We start off seeing the tail-end of the airship….

minecraft castle 07

▼ …and then the full thing. Yeah, I probably would’ve given up after about the tenth block.

minecraft castle 08

▼ There’s even a title screen made out of nothing but blocks. Now that’s dedication.

minecraft castle 01

▼ We swoop down for an aerial view over the town, just as slowly as Sheeta floated down with her amulet.

minecraft castle 09

▼ A mine that was crafted very nicely (ba-dum-ch).

minecraft castle 02

▼ It’s mind-boggling when you remember that this wall all painstakingly created one tiny block at a time.

minecraft castle 03

▼ And chickens! You really need to watch the video to see how adorable cube-chickens can be.

minecraft castle 04

▼ Another sweeping aerial view over the town. It’s like you’re being taken on a flight in your own airship.

minecraft castle 06

▼ I… I don’t even know how you would begin to build something like this.

minecraft castle 05

▼ If you haven’t watched the video yet, you really need to. You’ll really feel like you’re in the mine carts as you explore the gorgeous world Mocchi Hajikura has created.

minecraft castle 10

Of course Japanese netizens had pretty much the same reaction as any other fan of the film would have upon seeing this:

“That’s spot on! All the memorable places are there, the mining town, the valley. I can’t wait to see the rest!”
“This is a masterpiece. Now I want to watch the movie again.”
“Well, I cried.”
“This is amazing.”
“Ohhhhh myyyyyyy goddddddd!”
“Guys, your mouths are all gaping open in awe.”

So what do you think? We’ve had Lego versions of video games before, is it time we had Minecraft versions of movies? If they’re as good-looking as what we’ve seen here, then I don’t think there will be many complaints.

Source: NicoNico via My Games News Flash
Images: YouTube (Mocchi Hajikura)