Over the years here at RocketNews24, we’ve brought you news of cats in kimonos, kittens in coffees and sushi cats that fly through the air. So as soon as we stumbled upon a collection of mighty samurai cats being awesome, we knew it was our duty to bring them to everyone’s attention.

These warrior felines wrestle with giant fish and ride on tigers but they also teach us a thing or two about history and pop culture in Japan. Can you guess what famous Japanese movie inspired the group of cats in the image above?

The beautiful collection, created by William Chua, a Chinese illustrator from Singapore, does an impressive job of incorporating historical and pop culture references. The image above, called Seven Samurai Cat, is Chua’s take on the acclaimed movie Seven Samurai, which was directed by legendary film-maker Akira Kurosawa in 1954.

The following prints all have an interesting story to tell, and we know there’s no-one better to tell the story of Japanese culture than a samurai cat!

The Big Catch

The below image is a nod to Kintaro, or Golden Boy, the famous Japanese folk hero who battled a giant carp. This warrior cat even has the same cute, tubby features that characterise Golden Boy.


The Bountiful Catch

The Cat(ch) series features a trio of fighters, with the focus on the impressive headpieces of the day.


Fruitful Catch


Delightful Catch


Cat vs Cat(fish)

Japan is said to be sitting on top of a giant catfish called Namazu, who is responsible for causing earthquakes when he moves his body. Even today, you’ll see earthquake-related warning signs that feature animated depictions of the giant catfish. We do not want to feel the tremors caused by a battle between Namazu and the samurai cat!


Lord of Cats

This scene is set in the late Sengoku Period (c.1467 – c.1603), when feudal lords were fighting for control of Japan. With the aid of their trusty mouse friends.



Literally meaning “cat technique”, this feline’s nekojutsu skills will turn him into a hokage, or Fire Shadow.


Samurai Catloo

These cats are all about manga and pop culture. Samurai Catloo is a play on Samurai Champloo, the Japanese anime series which features the bespectacled Jin as one of the main characters.


Samurai Cat X

Inspired by Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin), this cat slices up a carp using the same cross-shaped design as the scar on Kenshin, the main character.


Three Swords Cat

One Piece fans will be able to spot the pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro in this image, complete with his trademark scar.


Thank you Samurai cats, for that brief walk through Japanese culture and history! For more unusual creations and characters, be sure to check out Chua’s website and store for more details.

Source: Bored Panda
Images: xiaobaosg, xiaobaosg Facebook