Many teenage boys and young men across Japan were probably sitting at the edge of their seats waiting for July 20. That day marked the release of a special DVD featuring photographs of the idol turned TV super-hero Suzuka Morita as she leaves behind her yellow ranger outfit for some skimpy bikinis.

▼ Shinken Yellow!


The 22-year-old Morita, affectionately known as Su-chan, started making a name for herself around 2008 when she joined the pop group Idoling!!!, which also had its own TV program. While she was in the group from 2008-2012, her real break came when she joined the cast of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger as the yellow sentai ranger in 2009.

▼ Here’s Su-chan in all of her Samurai Sentai Shinkenger glory.


Fighting her way into the hearts of boys and men until 2013, she’s now taken on a new role: bikini model.


Morita’s DVD (and BluRay), titled Yume Kou Tsutsu and put out by Line Communications, is a compilation of pictures and video of Su-chan prancing around in a variety of bikinis and lingerie.

▼ And what a variety of bikinis she has!


Morita spent the photo shoot on the beaches of Shizuoka Prefecture’s Izu Peninsula with a bunch of crabs, later saying, “There were so many crabs, we just lazed around with the crabs.”

For many, this is a welcome change; some men reminisce about their boyhood crushes on the yellow ranger, only to find her now all grown up and strutting her stuff. Others, however, are taking offense, hoping their childhood image of the spunky heroine is never tainted by the evils of eroticism.

This might be a good time to mention that bikini modeling is nothing new for our dear Su-chan. Before her Idoling!!! and Sentei Shinkenger careers took off, Morita was featured in some DVDs at the age of 15 that were pretty risqué for a teenager. .

The release of Morita’s new 4,000-yen (US$32) DVD on July 20 is being accompanied by an event at Akihabara’s Sofmap Amusment Center on August 9.

Sources: Kinisoku
Images: Kinisoku (edited by RocketNews24)