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In any industry, it’s important to keep innovating to stay one step ahead of your competitors. That’s true even for comic artist Okayado, whose stock-in-trade is sexy 2-D characters.

Okayado has been tapping a new market with his manga Monster Musume, also known as Everyday Life with Monster Girls, and its currently airing anime adaptation. As a true professional, though, Okayado knows that merchandising is the lifeblood of a successful franchise, and so he’s designed an anime girl pillowcase featuring Monster Musume’s female lead.

So far that’s par for the course for a hit among otaku, but what makes this pillowcase special is that it’s a shocking seven meters (23 feet) long!

Monster Musume’s basic framework isn’t particularly unique. Earnest but loveless everyteen Kimihito Kurusu’s ordinary life is suddenly interrupted by a series of hijinks, and when the dust clears, he finds himself living with a bevy of beautiful females. But what sets Okayado’s hit apart from countless other harem series is that all of Kimihito’s housemates are mythical beasts, or at least some hybrid of mythical beast and attractive anime girl.

The cast includes centaurs, harpies, and mermaids, but the girl with the most time in the spotlight is Miia, a creature from Greek legends called a lamiai. From the waist up, Miia looks like a human girl, but past her hips her body turns into that of a monstrous snake, which she likes to wrap around Kimihito while sleeping next to him.

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▼ Preview for Monster Musume (Warning! Video contains ridiculously large monster breasts)

Seeking to capitalize on the series’ boost in popularity from its recent anime premiere, Okayado himself has penned new artwork for a Miia pillowcase. But rather than some tiny scaled-down version of the character, the pillowcase is life-sized, showing Miia in her full seven meters of scantily clad scaliness.

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Ostensibly, the idea is to use a regular-sized pillow as Miia’s torso, then wrap the rest around yourself and sleep like Kimihito does.

▼ Comfy?

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And no, for the record, we don’t really get what’s going on with Miia’s butt, although we’re sure the manga goes into minute detail about such anatomical matters.

This limited-edition piece of Monster Musume merchandise will be on sale at the upcoming Summer Comiket, which will be held in Tokyo from August 14 to 16. It’s obviously strictly for the series’ most loyal fan, as not only will it cost a cool 100,000 yen (US$800), its massive size means it’ll be incredibly difficult to hide when friends come over.

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