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The responsibilities of promotional models fall almost entirely into the categories of “stand there” and “look pretty,” and while the first function seems pretty easy, maybe that’s for the best. After all, there’s actually a lot of effort, encompassing fitness, diet, and grooming regimens, that goes into meeting the “look pretty” requirement, and there’s not always much time left over to work on much else.

Case in point: Someone decided to try to add a bit of kinetic energy to this car show booth by having the team of models dance, but their comically awkward gyrations suggest “stand there” might have been the better option.

Japanese car audio and navigation manufacturer Alpine made the trip to Thailand for the 36th Bangkok International Motor Show. The Tokyo-based company decided to showcase its products with the same tried-and-true method it relies on for trade shows in Japan: a couple of posters, a display car, and a squad of scantily dressed young ladies.

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After all, exposed female flesh is the most widely understood international language, right? But we suspect Alpine’s PR team may have selected its models from still photographs, or at least that any audition didn’t include a dance portion.

▼ Individual expression is a wonderful thing, but ordinarily dance routines give it slightly less priority than “coordination.”

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The way in which each dancer seems more or less free to do her own thing makes it look like the four women weren’t given a lot of time to practice together, or maybe even individually. In particular, the woman on the far left can often be seen wearing an expression that says “Dancing? Come on, I play the violin for the talent portion of beauty pageants I enter!”

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▼ “Yeah, the rest of you go crazy at the end of the ABC song. I’m gonna go a different way.”

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Even the costume designer doesn’t seem to have been prepared for a dance routine, as multiple members’ shoulder straps slip off during the song.

▼ Although we guess it’s possible this is an intentional, pre-planned bit of extra eye candy/Hestia fan service.

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At the 1:20 mark, the cameraman actually devises a clever workaround for the lack of coordination by zooming in on a fifth dancer, making her the only one visible.

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But hey, like they say, all publicity is good publicity, and even if the dance didn’t radiate the cool sexiness Alpine was shooting for, it still got a lot of people looking at their booth.

Source, images: YouTube/YetAnotherTechGuy