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Japan has long had a saying that Taiwan has a disproportionate ratio of incredibly beautiful women.

While there may or may not be truth to that (science is surprisingly light on “hot girl ratio” studies), one Taiwanese teen came to be known as the poster girl who proved the saying right among Japanese Netizens back in the mid-2000s.

And now, thanks to social media, Taiwanese beauty Chen Xiaoyu is back in the Japanese spotlight – all grown up now and making the rounds again now that hungry Japanese Netizens have found her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Xiaoyu first found modest fame in Japan back in 2007 or so, when pictures of the “Internet model” started circulating. It appears Japanese Netizens, at the time, were smitten by Xiaoyu’s honest beauty, as many of the photos depicted her wearing gym clothes or without makeup on.

Now 23 years of age and making big waves in Taiwan as (as far as we can tell) a model, Xiayu appears to have turned pro, donning more makeup and striking easy poses for selfies. Some Japanese net users, it seems, are shocked by the model’s transition into adulthood, with some even questioning if she’s undergone plastic surgery, while others still see the same old Xiaoyu.

But it seems, though, that Xiaoyu still occasionally entertains old school fans with a no-makeup shot or two here and there, such as the above. But, really, she doesn’t need the approval of the Japanese web; she’s already been starring in commercials, such as this old McDonald’s one, in Taiwan since her teens.

Japan’s sort of creepy obsession with young girls – she was only 15 or 16 when she first broke here – aside, it’s nice to see this beloved beauty is still doing well!

Here are some photos from around 2010, when Xiaoyu was about 18:

And now the more recent ones:

Perhaps she’ll go on to be one of those stunning 50-year-olds too?

Photos: Facebook (1, 2)
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