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People have long sought any invention or procedure that could make them appear younger. From beauty products to invasive surgeries, many will pay mountains of money and undertake any risk for something that promises to shave a few years off their appearance.

A group of teens in Japan has come up with a simple trick that has them looking years younger in an instant, but might not exactly be the panacea you have in mind.

The following video was posted to Twitter with the caption, “How to look like an elementary school kid again in an instant.”

Well, they certainly do look much younger! But I imagine walking around like that would give you back problems well before old age, so there’s a trade-off. Also, it only works from the back.

Sorry, Shiseido, it doesn’t look like this is the key to your next big seller. But then again, they say laughter keeps you young at heart and healthy, so perhaps this video is already working its magic…

Image: @yabatan_douga