If you love Pikachu, you’ll want to head down to the city of Yokohama this summer because that’s where you’ll get the chance to meet not one, not two, but a thousand Pikachus. And to add to the amazement, they’ll all be dancing up a Pokemon storm.

To celebrate the upcoming “outbreak”, as it’s being called, Sakuragicho is adorning their station platform signs with a number of adorable Pikachus. With signage this cute, we can hear the squeels of “kawaiiii” all the way up here in Tokyo!

The special signs will greet passengers at Yokohama’s Sakuragicho Station from July 18-August 16, to coincide with the Odoru? Pikachu Tairyo Hassei Chu, or Dancing? An Outbreak of Pikachus event, scheduled to take place in the city fromAugust  8-18.

In the lead-up to the event, visitors to Sakuragicho Station have been excitedly tweeting photos of the various Pikachu signs they’ve encountered on the platforms.

▼ So many Pikachus, so many personalities. If only we could fill our texts with these as emojis!

▼ This one looks just as shocked as we are to see a Pokemon in a train worker’s uniform.


▼ Dance like nobody’s watching, Pikachu! Even though thousands are…


▼ The fun continues outside with Pikachu adorning the wall of the neighboring Cross Gate and Fuji Soft buildings.


If the photos we took at the 2014 Pikachu gathering are anything to go by, there’ll be a feast of cuteness swarming the streets of Yokohama this August.



Until then, enjoy this promotional video for the upcoming event.

Still not enough Pikachu for you? Here’s our own video from last year’s event!

If crowds of admirers continue to visit every year, who knows – Sakuragicho Station might just keep the cute signs on their platforms forever!

Source: Pokerin
Top image: Twitter/@pikachu25volt
Insert images: Twitter/@pikachu25volt, RocketNews24