The vast oceans of the world contain some amazing things. One of its most mind-blowing inhabitants is a tiny, solar-powered sea slug that only grows up to 5mm (0.2 inches) long and looks, well, like a cute little cartoon sheep.

Called the Costasiella Kuroshimae (or ‘Leaf Sheep’), this is one of the very few animals in the world able to photosynthesise its food, retaining special chloroplasts from algae in its body after feeding to use as energy to get through the day.

3Image: Jim Lynn

In Japanese, sea slugs are called umiushi, literally translated as “sea cow”. This slug may not look entirely like a cow but it does like to feast on grassy mounds.

The adorable sea critter can be found in the waters off Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines. This particular type of sea slug takes its scientific name from Kuroshima, or Kuro Island, in Japan’s Yaeyama Islands, where it was first found.

7Image: Johnny Chiu

With its ‘woolly’ coat, adorable ‘horns’ and cute cheeks that look like they’re full of grass, the sea sheep spends its days wandering green hills and basking in the sunlight.

leaf-sheep-sea-slug-costasiella-kuroshimae-1Image: Lynn Wu

If you thought that was amazing, take a look at the sea slug that looks like a rabbit. Happy deep-sea exploring everyone!

Source: Iremono
Featured image: Lynn Wu