Ever since computers and laptops have become things everyone has in their homes, cats have done their darndest to prevent their owners from being able to work or surf the net for funny videos of other cats. In fact, even as I’m writing this, I’m attempting to keep one of my cats from lying all over my keyboard. However like most cats, she’s not very cooperative, which makes me wonder what Japanese companies like these were thinking when they decided cats would make a great addition to the office environment.

When tablets first came out, cat owners like myself had reason to rejoice because it meant we no longer needed a desk or other hard surface cats could potentially walk all over to be productive online. However, it appears we spoke too soon, and cats were only biding their time until they could figure out how to best thwart these new rivals for their owners’ attention, like one Japanese pet owner whose cat turned her tablet into a house.

Japanese manga artist and fellow cat owner Mizuki Setoguchi recently tweeted about some trouble she experienced after her cat turned her tablet case into its own personal cat fort.

▼ “That space behind my LED tablet isn’t your home.”

The pictures soon went viral and comments starting flooding in from both Twitter users who loved the cute look on kitty’s face and those who empathized with Setoguchi’s dilemma.

“Don’t look at me with eyes like that lololol”
“It’s saying please let this be my home now meow lol”
“That’s so cute!”
“Your cat is amazingly photogenic!”
“My cat does the same thing (  ̄▽ ̄)”
“Half of its body is sticking out lololol”
“Cats really are adorable, aren’t they? I was totally upset when mine shredded my clothes, though lololololololol”

Admittedly, even when cats are being pain in the butt, they tend to do it in the cutest way possible. Check out these close-ups of the cat in question.

 ▼ “Hi there!”


▼ “Just chillin’!”


▼ “What does this button do?”


▼ “See? I prop up your tablet way better than that case you bought to do the job!”


So readers, what’s the verdict? Perfectly adorable or the perfect pest? We bet the little guy would get along really well with this other cat that likes to lie underneath its owner’s keyboard.

Source, images: Twitter/@setoguchimizuki