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If you’ve ever looked at all the vanilla dating sims coming out of Japan and thought, “Man, I’d really like to give one of those dating sims a try. But my true romantic interests lie with gorillas,” then we have great news for you!

Gorilla Kareshi (oradorably, I Fell in Love Gorilla, in English, it seems) is just the dating sim for you! Not only does it feature a gorilla love interest, the gorilla is the only possible love interest in the game.

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While the pigeon lovers, dinosaur lovers, alpaca lovers and even weird insectoid mutant teenager lovers have all had their dream dating sims released, Gorilla Kareshi appears to be the first with a simian love interest (baffling, if you ask us, considering Japanese women’s notorious lust for handsome gorillas).

In the game, you play the daughter of a high-profile company president of some kind, who is given a gorilla bodyguard to take to school to help fend off other girls who, apparently, are trying to bully you. The actual gameplay, however, will have you assume control of the suited ape himself, who must chase off the would-be attackers through various show-of-force mini-games. Along the way, a relationship between the human female protagonist and the huge, hulking, smelly-yet-tastefully-dressed gorilla will blossom, and you’ll collect various illustrations of your romantic moments to be kept in a viewable gallery.

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There don’t seem to be any gameplay mechanics representing it, so we suppose the nightly mutual tick-grooming, playful flinging of feces, and elaborate mating ritual are simply left to the player’s imagination.

The game is actually free-to-play (with in-app purchases, of course), so if you’ve got more than complete beginner Japanese skills, you’ll probably be able to play through and this quirky title by downloading it here (iOS) or here (Android).

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Source: PR Times
Images: Google Play