We all know cats are cute but how good are they at taking selfies? Given the natural feline instinct to appear disinterested in humans and their trivial pursuits at all times, it’s a question that may never be answered. We can, however, try it out for ourselves, thanks to this new contraption that melds two of our favourite things into one: selfies and soft, squishy cat paws.

If you own are owned by a cat, you’ll know all about the healing, stress-reducing benefits of cat paws. Gently squeezing a paw pad is a much nicer alternative to clutching a worn-out stress ball; the only thing you have to watch out for are those pesky talons that might come out to play.

▼ The only talon here is long and silver and holding on to your camera.


This unique cat-paw selfie stick comes in two versions: the wireless version, which retails for 3,480 yen (US$28.10) and the non-wireless version, which retails for 2,980 yen ($24.00). Squeezing the cat paw on both versions will activate the shutter and take your photo!

▼ The wireless cat paw.


▼ The non-wireless version plugs into the earphone jack on your smartphone.


▼ Both versions come in white or black designs.


▼ Giant by regular cat paw standards, perfect for human squishing standards.


▼ Fluffy! Mofu mofu. Squishy! Puni puni. Squeeze to your heart’s delight!


▼ The cat-paw selfie stick is compatible with smartphones, digital cameras, and iPhones, including the iPhone 6 Plus.


So cats of the world beware! Now we have a paw that takes photos of us and lets us squish it as we like, you might start paying us a little more attention!

Source: Nekomemo
Images: Thanko