Sometimes otaku get a bad rap, considered introverts who obsesses only over things like anime or video games. But actually there are quite a few otaku out there who enjoy a multitude of pastimes like photography, fashion, and motor sports. For the lattermost, there’s a whole scene dedicated to customizing vehicles catering to anime and manga enthusiasts who want the best of both worlds.

In particular, fans of the manga Bakuon! have been psyched since two custom-built motorcycles featuring characters Sakura Hane and Rin Suzunoki were shown earlier this year at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, and the machines have since been put up for grabs as part of a draw sponsored by eBook Japan.

Motorcycles and cars featuring anime characters like the two Bakuon! models below are called itasha in Japanese, combining the word ita, or “painful” and sha, meaning “vehicle”, to describe the rides that are so gaudy in appearance they’re painfully embarrassing to look at. These motorcycles fall under the sub-genre of ita-bikes.

Even though both models are being given away as prize as part of a special lottery drawing sponsored by the Bakuon! Portal on eBook Japan, the drawing is only for the privilege of claiming one. Winners will still need to pony up 950,000 yen (approximately US$7,650) plus tax and other fees to actually take either of the bikes home.

So what kind of ita-bike can you get with 950,000 yen and a lot of luck on your side? Check it out!

▼ Sakura Hane version Honda CBR250 itasha

▼ Rin Suzunoki version Suzuki GSR250Fitasha2

Unlike some of the more random anime and manga characters that we’ve seen pop up on itasha, with the original Bakuon! series being about a group of girls and their motorcycles, we can’t think of a better fit for a custom bike job.

For any of our readers with a wad of cash (no credit cards accepted) burning a hole in your pocket, you can find the rules and the lottery drawing application here. Entries are accepted until August 31, so there’s still some time to save up. Just don’t do anything drastic like hold up a bank or try to cash in your grandmother’s life insurance policy.

For everyone else who wants a more detailed look at these two one-of-a-kind bikes, you’ll just have to make do with picking up a copy of the past April and June issues of Smile Bikes, available here.

Source: My Game News Flash @JIN
Top image: Planet Japan Blog
Insert images: Comic Natalie