Cats are the stars of millions of the pictures and videos that we humans enjoy day in, day out. Like human celebrities, our cats need to be pampered and get their health needs met so they look and feel their best.

The cats themselves may not always be on board, however, especially for teeth cleanings. While we’re finding out that brushing cats’ teeth is exceedingly important, we’re also realizing that no matter how pissed they are about it, they maintain their cute-factor.

Despite being an integral part of many families, even acting as surrogate children in some households, cats aren’t often put under the same dental hygiene regimens as the humans in the household. This is a problem! Animals are also susceptible to gum diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

▼ This cat is especially impressive, brushing all on his own!

To protect your darling kitty from the pains of gum disease, the best option is to start brushing their teeth (vets recommend doing it once a day, or at least once a week). While it may be a pain in the butt (or finger, if they bite you), the cute faces they make will probably make you feel better about it.

▼ Never seen a cat at the dentist? Tune in here.

If you’re thinking, “My cat would never let me brush his teeth,” you’re not alone. But really, would you want someone rubbing your teeth with their finger or a toothbrush against your will? Yeah, me neither!

▼ “My cat is making such cute faces while getting her teeth cleaned!”


The key is to start young, when they are still kittens and are learning what’s normal. If you get them used to it as a baby, when they grow up, brushing their teeth will be nothing uncommon. The same goes for ear cleanings and nail clippings.

▼ This kitty is all about the pampering.

If you’re picking up with habit with an adult cat, gently work your way into their mouth with a gauze-covered finger and just rub their teeth a bit. Eventually, they may get accustomed to it enough to let you use a brush too.

▼ This kitty doesn’t seem too upset about getting his teeth brushed.

If you do brush your kitty’s chompers, remember to be gentle and use small movements, their gums are sensitive and can be easily damaged. Also– this is very important– never forget to take pictures and videos to share on the Internet! Happy brushing!

Source: Naver Matome
Top Image: TwitPic/@noronow