Did you know that actor Keanu Reeves has his own motorcycle production company, Arch Motorcycle? We had no idea either, until he made an impromptu appearance at the Suzuka Circuit in Mie Prefecture for the 8 Hours Motorcycle Endurance World Championship on July 25, test-driving his very own KRGT-1 Superbike.

Oh, and he also met Kumamoto Prefecture’s beloved yuru-kyara Kumamon at the same time!

We suspect that Keanu Reeves might be a little bit of a Japanophile, since he’s been spotted sightseeing in Japan before and even starred in a Hollywood adaptation of Japan’s traditional tale Chuushingura, which you might be more familiar with as 47 Ronin. But his appearance at the 8 Hours Motorcycle Endurance World Championship at the Suzuka Circuit racetrack surprised quite a few people, no more so than Kumamon, who was at the event do to a little racing of his own!

Kumamon was excited to take to the tracks on a monkey bike to show off his skills for all of his beloved fans (riding a monkey bike in that costume looks pretty tricky to us…).

But the tubby character’s excitement reached fever pitch when he was invited to share in a photo opportunity with one of his film idols!

We’d probably be making the exact same face as Kumamon if we got the opportunity to bask in the presence of Keanu.

Here’s a video taken at the event ! We love how Keanu’s got his name on his leathers! Isn’t that just too adorable?!

Keanu looks pretty sweaty at the end of the race. We bet he had trouble getting out of those leathers in the hot humid weather we’re having in Japan right now. Do you need anyone to fan you, Keanu? Because, just saying, we’re available…

We hope Keanu enjoyed his trip to Japan this time, but we can’t help feeling really hurt that he STILL hasn’t taken us up on our offer of a bowl of ramen! We’ll forgive you as long as you can squeeze us in next time, okay?

Source: Hachima Kikou
Main Image: Twitter @55_kumamon