potted cats

Don’t be alarmed if your kids aren’t exactly enthusiastic at your suggestion to grow vegetables in the backyard this summer. After all, why would you grow cabbage or tomatoes when you could just as easily grow a potful of kitties, like these Japanese families are doing?

Okay okay, so the families aren’t exactly “growing” cats per se, but if you were a Japanese Twitter user and happened to stumble upon one of the following “potted cat plants,” wouldn’t you do a double-take, too?

▼ “This potted plant was in front of a house I passed by recently. It had turned into a bed for cats…”

▼ “The kittens are just too cute. There’s like three or four of them crammed in the pot.”


▼ “Potted plant cats”

▼ “Potted cats have arrived!”

▼ “It’s kind of hard to see, but a mother and her three kittens are snoozing in there. It’s a pot of roses ~_~;”

All these little guys need are some sunlight and fresh air (you’ll probably want to skip the direct watering), and hopefully they’ll grow up nice and strong!

Source: Togech
Top image: Twitter (@keitoyo)