I can never really tell what any of the musicians I like are singing about. I’ve always chalked it up to my poor hearing, but I’ve found comfort in all the misheard lyrics videos out there that provr I’m not the only one.

When a song isn’t in your native language, it makes it all the easier to hear completely weird and wacky things, like we showed you before with YouTuber AzukanoAMVs’ video “Otaku Lyrics 101”. Due to popular demand, we now have a second installment to bring on the LOLs once again! Be warned, once you hear it, it can’t be unheard.

From The Heroic Legend of Arslan


Misheard lyrics:
Do (x16)
I finally know what to wear!

Real Lyrics:
Du Di Di Ding..
I’ve found the new way to love.

From Aldnoah Zero


Misheard lyrics:
I say fry it yeah!! I say riot yeah!!
I say! Rice again!!
I say!

Real lyrics:
Ai-same-CRIER Aibu-save-LIAR.
Eid-Sei-Rising HELL

Love-same-CRIER Caress-save-LIAR
Eid-Saint-Rising HELL
I love you

From Yuru Yuri


Miseard lyrics:
Gay. Your butt.
Dat shit. Dat shit. Dat shit. Dat shit.

Real lyrics:
Ge (Ge) Yaba (Yaba)
Dasshu Dasshu Dasshu Dasshu

Ack! Oh no
Dash, dash, dash, dash

From Seitokai Yakuindomo


Misheard lyrics:
My gay mommy boner shit

Real lyrics:
Makenai poroshii

I refuse to lose (literally “policy of not losing”)

From Future Diary


Misheard lyrics:
Peeked in my loafs. Allow her. Tiger.
Goku want guitar. Hot guy married coke cola.
He touched it there.

Real lyrics:
Ikutsu mono sora wo kaita
Kokowa kitto hakanai kokoro

I painted a number of skies
Surely here is where my fickle heart
Gets unsettled

From Clannad After Story


Misheard lyrics:
Give me that gay baaaaallll.
Give me that gay baaaaallll.
Suuuuucky Diiiiick. Eat on you.

Real lyrics:
Kimi dake wo
Kimi dake wo
Suki de itayo

Only you
Only you
It was only you I loved

From Yuru Yuri


Misheard lyrics:
Di-e chi-ck-en

Real lyrics:

A major incident

From Sword Art Online


Misheard lyrics:
Remember the cheese salads are mine!
She longily just stared.
She souped your wife with us.
You’re making him look fat.
Why is that guy? Too young to eat liquor?

Real lyrics:
Nemuru chiisana omoi
Hirogari dashite
Kizuku yowai watashi
Kimi ga ireba
Kurai sekai tsuyoku ireta

Spread out that small
Sleeping thought
I realize I am weak
But if I have you
I can stay strong in this dark world

The video wraps up the anime lyrics with an epic song from Sword Art Online, and just when you think it’s over, you get one final, side-splitting line from “CaramellDansen”. Sadly, AzukanoAMVs claims this will probably be the last installment in the Otaku Lyrics series, but we take solace in the fact that they plan to have other new content up in the future.

Any of you fantastic readers have some misheard lyrics for us?

Source and images: YouTube/AzukanoAMVs via Yurukuyaru