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About a month ago, we had the chance to shake hands with an otter, and it was adorable. As the little guy gently laid his hand in ours, a sense of calm came over us, and given how relaxed he was through the whole affair, he seemed to be in good spirits, too.

But not every animal grasps the finer points of this human greeting, as shown by this video of a cat owner in Japan looking for a handshake, and finding out that her pet has a lightning-fast left hook.

Those of you with a fondness for felines might remember Ohagi. One of the cats owned by YouTube uploader Mako0Mako0, Ohagi appeared in a video enthusiastically responding to a toy that Mako0Mako0 was waving about, while another cat she owns remained stoically unimpressed.

That doesn’t mean that Ohagi always reacts like Mako0Mako0 expects, though. In Japan, it’s become common for musical artists and other celebrities to stage handshake events where they press palms with their fans. Mako0Mako0 decided to stage a mini handshake event for just herself and Ohagi, and set up a partition with a hole in it.

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With Ohagi positioned on one side and herself on the other, Mako0Mako0 held out her fingertips. Since the partition was made of cloth, Ohagi could easily tell there was something just on the other side of the hole. Since Mako0Mako0 titled the video Friendly handshake of human and Cat, the result must be pretty cute, right?

Yeah, about as cute as a heavyweight title bout.

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Instead of daintily extending a paw, Ohagi unleashes a blindingly quick punch. We’re not sure which is more surprising, the sudden show of ferocity, or Mako0Mako0’s reaction speed in pulling her hand out of the way.

▼ And thus keeping the fabric remarkably bloodstain-free

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So it looks like Mako0Mako0 can scratch “shaking hands” off the list of pet tricks Ohagi has an aptitude for. That probably also means the cat’s prospects of becoming an idol singer or politician aren’t too rosy, but watching the video, we think the cat may have a promising future as a prizefighter.

Source, images: YouTube/MAKO0MAKO0
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