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In just a little over a week, the city of Yokohama is going to be overrun with Pikachus for the second year in a row. And as awesomely adorable as it was seeing them parading about town last year, this iteration of the seemingly annual Pokémon event promises to be even more exciting, as the beloved Pocket Monsters are set to dance their way through Yokohama’s bayside Minato Mirai district.

With the festivities almost ready to get started, the Pokémon Company has released this handy instructional video to help fans get ready by teaching them how to do the Pikachu Dance (which may or may not include a moonwalk).

We won’t keep you waiting any longer for the sight of a pair of dancing Pikachus, so here’s the video.

It’s a surprisingly complex routine, but if you break down the steps, it’s not so tough.

1. First, start off with four overhead claps.

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2. Next, make a fist with your left hand, and give it four pumps.

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3. Then four more right fist pumps.

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4. Give four hops with both arms extended above your head. Don’t worry if you can’t jump that high, since Pikachu isn’t especially known for his hang-time, either.

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5. Turn towards Pikachu, wave your hands, and scream!

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6. This next step might look like metal horns, but the instructor assures us it’s actually the Pikachu signal. Make it with your left hand and give it two big waves back and forth.

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7. Three more hops

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8. And another Pikachu scream!

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9. Next, press your hands together to form a Pikachu tail, and bring it down four times at a diagonal angle, going right, left, right, left.

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10. Give yourself a set of Pikachu ears…

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11. …followed right away by some rosy Pikachu cheeks, and give them two twists.

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12. Raise up a left-right-left-right series of fist bumps.

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13. And now for the final step. Put your hands on your hips…

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…then turn around and shake your Pikachu tail.

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The instructor says that after that, it’s up to you to choose your own moves. And while he proves to be much more flexible than his Pocket Monster background dancers, look no further than the video’s 0:55 mark to see that Pikachu’s repertoire includes not only Tail Whip and Thunderbolt, but moonwalk too.

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Want even more Pikachu dancing? A trio of the Pocket Monsters showed up on the set of the Pokémon Get TV show to groove with the cast and crew, including media personality and gamer Shokotan.

The Dancing? An Outbreak of Pikachus event kicks off in Yokohama on August 8, and runs until August 16.

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Source: YouTube/PokemonCoJp (1, 2) via Anime News Network
Images: YouTube: YouTube/PokemonCoJp