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While you may be inclined to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon curled up on the couch, binge-watching Game of Thrones and consuming eight entire pints of Chunky Monkey ice cream (just us?), a certain demographic in Japan would much rather stretch out on the tatami with a nice, wholesome… erotic novel.

See, while the romance novel section of a western bookstore is a lonely wasteland, tucked away in the far corner, illuminated by nothing but a single bulb swinging lazily from the ceiling, erotic novels and manga are comparatively more accepted and, dare we say it, widely read in Japan and a handful of other Asian countries, such that the formulaic cover illustration template that near every publisher of the books seems to use has evolved into a kind of cultural shorthand for cheesy, kinky escapades.

So, let’s keep that in mind as we take a look at this Taiwanese illustrator’s collection of cool, gender-swapped Dragon Ball character book covers. You’re welcome to appreciate the raw talent and attention to detail here, just, uh… remember which section of the bookstore you’d be finding these in if they were real.

We recommend you try not to think too hard about what kinky hijinks might happen between the covers of these hypothetical erotic novels featuring gender-bent versions of such Dragon Ball favorites as Piccolo, the villain Cell, and, hell, even the nigh-immortal sidekick, Krillin.

The illustrations are done by an anime fan and amateur illustrator known as leoncool724. While we have no real background info on why leoncool724 chose to put the illustrations together, the artist’s Facebook page even has accompanying plot summaries for the fictional erotic stories involved. Since we can’t speak Taiwanese, we have no idea what the synopses actually say, but Google Translate has done a good enough job of giving us a trippy, stream-of-conscious glimpse. For lady-Piccolo’s story:

“For the newspaper many years ago by his father, the company occupied revenge, I studies abroad with him under a high in the market , but still lost to the financial strength of him . Unexpectedly, I am going to debt bondage in the occasion , he tells me took a priceless diamond.”

Sounds like a five-star read!

You can check out more of the artist’s work at their Facebook page.

Source: Yurukuyaru
Featured image: Facebook