Living in Tokyo is pretty awesome. There’s not much you can’t find in the city and there’s always something fun going on — but every once in a while, a video or a photo will grab our attention and make us sigh forlornly thanks to a gorgeous landscape. Sure, there are some great beaches around here, but there’s just something about this drone video of Kagoshima that makes us stop and say wow.

If you’re stuck in the office or at school staring out the window and wishing you were anywhere else, this video will only make it worse. But we guarantee you’ll keep watching it over and over!

kagoshima_mapWikipedia (Lincun)

Located at the southern end of Kyushu, Kagoshima might not be the first place to come to mind when thinking about Japan, but we suspect this video might help raise its popularity.

With a population of around 1.66 million people and an area of 9,188 square kilometers (3,547 square miles) spread across multiple islands, Kagoshima is home to gorgeous places like Yakushima, a World Heritage site and one of the locations to inspire Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke, as well as JAXA’s Tanegashima Space Center. It’s easy to see why people might want to visit – and if you were on the fence, this new video will settle the issue in a matter of minutes.

▼ So gorgeous, it almost makes me angry!


Filmed by Yuki Eikawa, a YouTuber with a number of high-definition videos shot around Japan to their name, this video shows off some of Kagoshima’s islands — including Yakushima Island, Yoron Island, Tanegashima Island, Koshiki Island, Amami Island, and Kakeroma Island — in gorgeous detail. And thanks to the use of a drone, the video provides views of the islands that we would likely otherwise never get to see!

From crystalline oceans to verdant valleys, the video is enough to make you seriously question the value of a nine-to-five job. Or any job for that matter. Employing wide overhead views and sweeping shots zipping through the air, Yuki knows just how to make us yearn for a beach vacation.

▼ Get ready to call in sick for the next week…

Wow, right?

But maybe you’re not moved by pure blue ocean waves! That’s perfectly okay, because Yuki has plenty of other gorgeous videos to make your office job seem worse than ever. Like this contemplative look at a traditional Japanese home in Tokushima.

And if you’re simply sick of summer, here’s one more video from Yuki to help you cool off: A look at Shirakawa-go covered in snow.

We don’t know if Yuki is looking for assistants or not, but we’d definitely like to apply for the job. Don’t worry, Yuki – we’re not too expensive to feed!

Source/images: YouTube (Drone Footage of Amazing Islands in Kagoshima, Japan)