While many Japanese believe hay fever, or kafunsho as it’s known here, to be something unique to Japan, there appear to be just as many suffers of pollen allergies in South Korea and other parts of Southeast Asia. For those unfortunate enough to be stuck with the nasty symptoms these allergies bring on, spring and summer can be the worst seasons of the year, leaving many to seek professional help for their nasal and respiratory issues.

But with the abundance of allergy medications now on the market and competition for business between clinics, it can be pretty hard to get your name out there. Among all those commercials for featuring happy patients enjoying active lifestyles after treating their allergies, one clinic in South Korea specializing in atophy, rhinitis, and asthma has decided to shake things up a little with their unusual advertisements full of lowbrow humor.

Though most of us have grown out of the fart and body function jokes that were so hilarious in grade school, the Pyun Kang Hospital ads like the one below are rife with embarrassing situations and crude humor to beckon customers in that seek help with their skin or sinus issues. (Just as a precautionary warning, these videos might make you squeamish if you’re a germaphobe or sensitive to gross humor.)

▼ It just so happens that the word for “fart” and the first character of the Pyun Kang Hospital are the same.

And hey, we’re just getting warmed up! It’s really raining down in this next one, and we’re not talking about cats and dogs or men.

But the advertisement that seems to be receiving the most flack is this one, for its totally gross or suggestive (depending on how dirty your mind is) nature.

But hey, whatever Pyun Kang Hospital is doing, it seems to be working. The reviews on their homepage are glowing, and at this point the clinic group seems to be a fairly well-known name in South Korea. Question is, if you were an allergy suffer would these advertisements spark your curiosity to seek treatment at one of their branches or totally turn you off?

Source:YouTube (Miss YoonMoviestrailerHD), h/t Kotaku US 
Top image: YouTube