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Back in the 1980s, at the hight of Blade Runner and The Terminator‘s popularity, everyone was fantasizing about the future of humanity and the role robots would play in it. Although both movies had a bleak outlook on the future of the world, others were picturing the future of robots in a totally different, much sexier, way.

One such individual was Hajime Sorayama, whose masterpiece, Sexy Robot, was first published in 1983. Now, in 2015, it’s getting a revival, complete with a brand new 3-D model. It’s too bad that sexiness is already sold out, though…

Sorayama’s original collection of illustrations fused a robot’s metallic exterior with the beauty and curves of a human female to create a (then) never-before-seen representation of robots, and was critically acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.

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His illustrative style is precisely detailed and he is well-known for his erotic hand-painted portrayals of women and feminine robots. Besides the Sexy Robot, some might know Sorayama from his designs of Sony’s pet robot dog, Aibo, or for designing the album cover for Aerosmith’s Just Push Play.

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In spring 2016, Sorayama is planning to hold a one-man exhibition with a life-sized version of the Sexy Robot, but fans and collectors can get a 1/6 scale version that is on sale right now — or at least they could have. The already sold-out limited run of only 100 models each has an edition number carved into the model and a signed card from Sorayama himself guaranteeing its authenticity. The model, produced by Art Gallery Nanzuka in Shibuya and Hong Kong designer Alan Chan, went on sale for 162,000 yen (US$1,314.23) on July 24. Those lucky enough to have placed an order can expect their models to be sent from the beginning of October.

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For those who weren’t able to purchase 1 of the 100 Sexy Robots, there are plans for a gold version and a black metal version next spring. Their release will probably coincide with Sorayama’s exhibition. For now, you can just marvel at these pictures and wonder how he went from Sexy Robot to the cuteness of Aibo.

▼ Nice curves

robot 8Source: Kai-You
Top Image: CJ Mart

Inset Images: Amazon [1, 2, 3], CJ Mart