Motor vehicles can generally be divided into two camps: function and style. On one end of the spectrum you might find head-turning sports cars that look sweet and can outrun both Smokey and the Bandit. On the other you’ll find minivans: the wonks of the automotive world.

Despite being extremely handy in daily life, minivans are so intrinsically uncool that even an “ironic cool” valued by hipsters cannot be found in them. However, there is something special about the latest Honda StepWGN that’s making people say “Cool! I want one!” and “That’s pretty awesome.”

The next generation StepWGN will each be fitted with a “Waku Waku Gate” (literally “Exciting Gate”) on the rear end. Here’s a video demonstration of how they work.

Unlike typical minivan tailgates that lift upwards, the Waku Waku Gate also has a secondary door that opens outwards from halfway allowing access in tighter areas.

Similar kinds of rear door systems have been made before, but the Waku Waku Gate also accommodates for easy access to the 3rd row of passenger seats. All of the rear seats are “Magic Seats” which, judging from the video, are magically easy to collapse and fold into the floor.

The seats might be a little hard to see in that dimly lit Honda demonstration, so here’s another from German website Auto Motor Und Sport that’s a little easier on the eyes.

Some viewers were concerned with the design pointing out possible shortcomings.

“Everything feels so hard. Is it comfortable?”
“So, how do two people get in the back?”
“If someone rear-ends your vehicle I think the cost to replace the tailgate will be quite $$$”

Still, many came across as impressed by the innovation.

“Perfect car for me.”
“Cool. I want. I want.”
“Perfect for narrow parking lots.”
“Honda, how about selling these in America?”
“I swear I’d buy that if I could.”

Sadly for those wanting a StepWGN the cars are only sold in Japan, if you couldn’t already tell by the really awkward name. But if you are in the homeland of Honda then you can pick one up starting at around 2,288,000 yen (US$18,500) and fold it all around to your heart’s content, just like a big old financed Rubick’s Cube!

Source: Honda Stepwgn, Donguriko (Japanese), (English), Facebook – Auto Motor Und Sport (German)
Video: YouTube – Autoc One TV!