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Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that BABYMETAL sprang up out of nowhere from the rock/metal ground and has grown into a flourishing band with a heap of hardcore fans. They’ve performed in both Europe and America and featured the acclaimed guitars of metal band DragonForce on their single “Road of Resistance.” It seems like there’s nothing that can stop these cute girls and their head-banging tunes, especially now that another extremely popular rock star has hinted he’d like to collaborate with BABYMETAL too.

It’s not just any rock star who has become a fan of these cheery girls that rock the distorted guitars and bass drums, but co-founder of X Japan, Yoshiki. In a recent interview with the international metal magazine Metal Hammer, Yoshiki revealed that he’d be interested in collaborating with BABYMETAL in the future.

Yoshiki said that his fans kept sending him BABYMETAL songs that were reminiscent of X Japan songs, so he’s quite aware of BABYMETAL’s popularity. After his classical tour in Europe, he was able to take in their show and found he really enjoyed it.

He believes that there are no rules in rock or heavy metal music, so is it possible that a collaboration with them is really in the books?

In Yoshiki’s own words, “Yeah, eventually, maybe, you know, we can perform together. That’d be great.” Fans abroad agree that the collaboration would be brilliant.

“I love BABYMETAL! That’d be an awesome collaboration!”
“I love Yoshiki, so this is great. He’s an amazing talented person.”
“This would be amazing! BTW, Yoshiki, I love your Japanese-English.”
“BABYMETAL’s songs are heavily influenced by X Japan. Akatsuki, IDZ, No Rain No Rainbow all seem to be tributes to X Japan. That’s why I think their collaboration would be amazing.”

Whether you are a fan of Yoshiki and X Japan or BABYMETAL, the idea of the two collaborating would be the next big thing in the world of metal. Let’s hope that Yoshiki would also participate in the music video that accompanies their song. With his luscious locks of hair, he’d fit right in.

Source: Donguriko
Top Image: Facebook/BABYMETAL