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The latest installment of the Naruto anime franchise, Boruto -Naruto the Movie-, isn’t scheduled to open until August 7, but the film itself is already complete. Series creator Masashi Kishimoto recently appeared at an advance screening of the movie, where he offered glowing praise for the finished product, plus some candid talk on his feelings about producing a sequel.

The screening was held in Tokyo on July 28, where Kishimoto was joined by a number of the anime’s principle voice actors and actresses, including Yuko Sanpei, who plays new protagonist Bolt, the son of previous leading man Naruto.

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At the event, Kishimoto said that he is extremely satisfied with how the film turned out, going so far as to say “It’s perfect.” Sanpei seemed to share his enthusiasm, gushing to Kishimoto that she she’d love to see a continuation to the movie.

So how did Kishimoto react to her request?

“No way. Please, let me rest, already.”

It’s understandable that Kishimoto finds himself in need of a long break. He started drawing the Naruto manga in 1999, and the series’ sudden and growing popularity meant that its weekly serialization occupied his schedule more or less constantly for the next 15 years. “After finishing the manga serial [last year], I finally though I could rest,” lamented Kishimoto, “but I couldn’t…” That’s because even though Boruto is the 11th theatrical feature in the Naruto franchise, it’s the first one for which Kishimoto has handled the original concept, script, and character designs.

Just how busy has Kishimoto’s life been since he found success with his world-famous manga? “The other day, I finally went on my honeymoon,” revealed the 40-year-old artist, “even though my own son is now about as old as Boruto is in the movie.”

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Despite his protestations, this might not be the end of the road for the franchise, as Kishimoto accompanied his “No way,” with a laugh and smile (albeit a tired one). Still, it looks like before we see any more of the adventures of Naruto, Boruto, and the rest of their ninja family, Kishimoto would like a little more time with his real-life one.

Sources: Yahoo! News Japan via Hachima Kiko
Images: YouTube/Toho Movie Channel