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A video showing 10 unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky over the Japanese city of Osaka has been making waves in Japan this week, to the degree that news sites all around the globe have begun talking about it.

Uploaded on Monday, July 27, the video shows 10 white objects, which appear to be almost circular, dancing in the sky for more than two minutes.

Numerous copies of the footage have been made, some having been watched tens of thousands of times now, with western sites including The Huffington Post and the Mirror picking up the story.

Check it out:

Close-ups show that the objects are all of a uniform shape. The industrial chimneys in the foreground also give us some idea of their size as they pass behind.

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Similar looking white objects were spotted during a concert held in London’s Hyde Park recently.

Are these objects unidentified? Certainly. Do they appear to be flying? Yes indeedy. That alone makes them legitimate UFOs, but we should take a moment here to point out that this doesn’t automatically mean that extra terrestrials are cruising around, marvelling at chimney stacks and watching Blur gigs without paying the entry fee like the rest of us. After all, if these objects really were piloted by aliens here to monitor us, why would they just hang out in plain view for so long like that? That would have to be the worst covert ops team ever.

Unless, of course, this is simply the early stages of a War of the Worlds-style mass invasion, in which case I’d like to follow news anchor Kent Brockman’s lead and welcome our new insect overlords and hope they will spare me.

What job do you think you could do after the fall of mankind? Leave us a comment below, and don’t forget to tell us why you think you shouldn’t be turned into goo and fed to the aliens’ young.

Source: YouTube, Karapaia
Screenshots: YouTube