its getting hot hot hot

Hey, you guys in the southern hemisphere, can we trade seasons with you yet? I don’t know about everyone else here in Japan, but I’m done with this heat and humidity. With highs around 36 degrees Celsius (96 degrees Fahrenheit) across the country and the smothering humidity, everyone and everything seems to be at their limits, from USB cords to plastic cups. Even the poor little hamsters look like they’re melting away in this madness!

When the temperature rises, certain things are expected to melt. Like chocolate.

▼ Much sadness…

▼ What a waste

▼ Rest in peace, dear sweet chocolate

Candlesticks, too. Well, candles are made to melt…when their wicks are lit! If your candles are melting just when sitting in your house, I think it might be time to switch that AC on.

Cars parked outside in the summer can quickly turn into literal ovens, and can have drastic effects on anything left inside. Do you regret getting that large coffee? Let your car shrink it down for you!

Traffic cones are having a hard time dealing with this heat too.

And it’s even getting to people’s eyeliner.

“It was so hot at USJ [Universal Studios Japan] that my USB charger melted! Good thing it didn’t catch fire in my bag.” Yeah, that should NOT happen!

If you saw someone wearing a fur coat in the middle of summer you might think they were crazy. Well, not everyone gets a choice in the matter, so be sure thank the evolutionary stars that you ended up as a (mostly) hairless species!

▼ Kitties conserving energy in the heat


Melty hamsters sure are cute though.

▼ How I feel every time I go outside…

▼…and what I’m sure I look like when I come back home

I’m not even going to worry about what my electric bill will look like; I’ve decided to summer-hibernate inside my room with the air conditioning on until autumn decides to grace us with its glorious presence. But seriously, everyone, take care in this heat!

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Twitter (@fuminafps , @HomuhomuInvader , @5amham ) edited by RocketNews24