I think most adult women have experienced those times when, following a great night out drinking with friends then coming home and falling asleep, they wake up to see their face all smudged and messed up because they forgot to take their makeup off. But that apparently doesn’t matter anymore, because the “hangover girl” style has become the newest trend in Japan.

There are two points to this style; first the wet-look hair, second the “ofero-gao.” Let’s talk about that hair-style first.

Until now, the most popular hairstyle for girls in Japan was the yurufuwa style, which creates a cute and fluffy appearance.




Pretty cute, right? However, this new ‘wet’ hair style creates a sexy, dishevelled look.




The term ofero-gao comes from the words oshare (fashionable in Japanese) and the English word pheromones, put together to create a look with a mixture of cuteness and sexiness.

With this looks, the skin is glossy and shiny (some use glitter all over their face), eyelines are shaded with rough eyeshadowing, and the key point is that the girls who adopt this look put a lot of blush right underneath the eyes, creating that “I had a heavy night last night” look.

Haruka Shimazaki of AKB48 was famous for doing her makeup this way.

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This may seem strange, but anything is possible in Japanese fashion trends, right? Konyaku make-up, Yakiimo make-up, Spooky make-up… you name it! Maybe its just a matter of taste, maybe it’s just the overdoing it, we don’t know. But we think it’s kind of cute!

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