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Art is such an ever-changing topic that even a year can shift trends and styles all across the modern art world. Well, it has been over a year since we last caught up with Hikaru Cho, the reality bending artist whose work makes you do a double or even a triple take.

Her creativeness seems to know no bounds, and the past year has allowed her to improve and grow, taking on more professional projects that still mess with our minds enough to make us wonder if what we are seeing is real or a clever trick meant to fool us.

Longtime readers of RocketNews24 will remember Hikaru Cho’s fantastic and mesmerizing artwork. Whether her canvas was the human body, or pieces of fruit, she has never stopped challenging people’s perceptions of judging things simply by how they look.

In the past year, Hikaru has been hard at work creating art that certainly makes people stop and take notice. Someone else captivated by her art must work for Samsung, as the electronics giant hired Hikaru to create artwork for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

These cool body paintings show off the different features of Samsung’s new phone, like wireless charging, their new curved screen technology and the addition of filters.

She has also done some amazing work for Amnesty International which helps promote and protect human rights worldwide.

▼ “You have the right to live free from rape and sexual violence.”

▼ “You have the right to choose who you love.”

▼ “You have the right to make our own choices about our bodies and our lives [sic].”

▼ “You have the right to choose if, or when, you have children.”

▼ “You have the right to sexual and reproductive health services.”

▼ “You have the right to know about your body, sexual health, and relationships.”

You can check out her other amazing work on her website and Facebook page, which include some Halloween-themed art and a stop-motion animation video. Needless to say, we love it all!

▼ “Sweet Thoughts” (Halloween Edition)

▼ “Money on My Mind”

▼ “Diet”

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Images: Hikaru Cho