It’s no secret that we love the Wagakki Band around here at the RocketNews24 offices. Their music just has a thundering pulse to it that draws you in like a whirlpool. Between the soaring vocals delivered by Yūko Suzuhana and the fusion of rock and traditional Japanese instruments, it’s hard not to start pounding a fist in the air whenever they release a new song. And we totally failed to restrain ourselves tonight!

Just a few hours ago, the band published a new release on YouTube: A music video for “Akatsuki no Ito,” or “The Thread of Dawn,” a new song to be release on their forthcoming album Yasou-emaki. Featuring awesome music, a dragon, swords, and a night sky filled with clouds, the video is sure to get fans excited for the new album!


When Yasou-emaki is scheduled for release in September and will feature a slew of new, original songs by the Wagakki Band, including “Akatsuki no Ito,” a truly rocking song that makes excellent use of every instrument at their disposal. The lyrics are based on Chinese poetry, the recitation of which Yūko is literally a master. It turns out that in addition to singing, she’s also a national champion in the recitation of Chinese poetry (a practice called 詩吟, “shigin,” in Japanese).


The music features the band’s trademark mixture of rock and traditional instruments, with thundering drums and furious strings that compel the soaring vocals ever higher. The song is almost like a battle cry, which manifests in the video as the members draw swords to face off against a dragon flying through the sky.

We’re sure this video will please fans of the band and probably win them quite a few more!

Yasou-emaki is scheduled to be released in September. The album can be pre-ordered through Amazon Japan.

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Images: YouTube (Avex)