When a Japanese blogger posted a photo of her dog, she had no idea the height of internet fame she would reach. Kabosu, the Shiba Inu, would soon become known as Doge, and would leave her mark on internet meme-dom forever.

Doge has been wowed by many things, but perhaps the most wow-ing thing has just come to pass – you can now order Doge as your very own mask!

Do you want to so scare and much amaze your friends this Halloween? (It is only three months away, after all!) Nothing better for that task than a Doge mask!


You can purchase the latex mask from the official online store for US$25. Very bargain! And you’d better hurry; the mask is already on back order, though deliveries are expected to arrive in a couple of weeks.



Even if you don’t do the whole Halloween thing, the mask is great for everyday wear as well.



Source and images: Doge Mask dot cool via Yurukuyaru