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Attack on Titan is no stranger to the world of spinoffs. Its immersive world and plethora of rich characters easily lend themselves to new series with new viewpoints, such as an anime focused on fan-favorite Levi or the manga that focuses on the female point of view with Mikasa and Annie.

But there’s one spinoff coming out soon that’s a little… different: Attack on Titan: Junior High. And yes, we mean that Junior High. Yes, it is cute and silly and stupid in all the right ways. And yes, you need to watch the preview video right now.

Attack on Titan: Junior High is based on the humorous spinoff manga of the same name by Saki Nakagawa. The premise of the series is simple: what if all the main characters from Attack on Titan went to the same middle school? Of course the answer is (most likely) zany consequences.

The anime version is scheduled to be broadcast in Japan starting October 2015, and while you still may be laughing at the title, bear this in mind: pretty much all the voice actors from the original anime are reprising their roles in this one. Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and more all have the same voice actors to bring the characters to life.

If that hasn’t convinced you that it’s not just a bad knockoff yet, then take a look at this preview video for the series. It may be a little silly-looking for sure, but clearly a lot of effort has gone into making something awesome here:

▼ The beginning starts off pretty much the same as the original anime, with Eren telling us about how “that day, humanity remembered… the terror of being ruled by them.”

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▼ But then d’aww! Our heroes are so much cuter in this one!

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▼ Just look at Eren in his adorable little junior high school uniform.

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▼ And Mikasa who apparently has a lot of stapling to do!

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▼ And of course Levi is in this one (and Hange too), so don’t worry if you missed him in the live-action film.

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▼ It seems as though Sasha has acquired a taste for jelly donuts onigiri instead of potatoes in this version.

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▼ Oh no! A titan attack interrupting the start of junior high school ceremony?!

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▼ Not if Eren has anything to say about it, improvising as best he can with cleaning supplies.

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▼ Welp, I dunno about you, but I’m sold! Where do I send all my money?

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In all honesty, while the original Attack on Titan is a great manga and anime, it can get very heavy sometimes. Something a little lighthearted that lets us still enjoy the same world and characters is a nice change of pace. It will certainly never replace the original, but like a tasty little dessert to help the rich main course go down, it seems just right.

So what do you think? Now’s your chance to call things you think are going to happen in the show. My guesses: a titan transfer student, somebody makes an insensitive titan-themed haunted house for the school’s cultural festival, and lots and lots of titan-interrupted almost-kisses. Let us know your ideas in the comments!

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