The eyes can’t unsee this. Spotted in a Hong Kong supermarket were cans of Coke, individually wrapped and sealed in plastic containers. Despite consulting all the scientists we know, we can’t find a single explanation to warrant such an excessive use of unnecessary plastic packaging.

If you’ve ever lived or visited Japan, you’ll agree that it is one of the most over-packaged countries in the world. In fact, the ridiculously excessive and unnecessary usage of plastic in Japan can be downright baffling to people from abroad. After all, it’s a country where every prune inside a packet of prunes is individually wrapped, because who knows when you might want to carry around a single prune in your handbag.

But apparently someone across the sea has decided that they will not be outdone! Cans of Coca Cola were found individually wrapped and sealed in plastic containers and stocked on a supermarket shelf in the deli section of a supermarket in Central Hong Kong.

▼ Why?!


We’re not sure if they were marketing it as “buy a can of coke and get a free plastic container”, but I think we can all agree that this is a serious waste of plastic and irresponsible packaging.

I just find this depressing. For what possible reason would a can of soft drink need to be packaged like this? It’s physically and ethically unnecessary! And we’re guessing that this would then likely be placed into another plastic shopping bag. We urge you to consider purchasing your next soft drink from a vending machine. Thankfully, Japan has no shortage of those.

▼ “Soda ne.”


 Source: Coconuts Hong Kong
Top image: TVMOST HK
Images: TVMOST HK via Coconuts Hong Kong, Yahoo! Japan