As our regular readers know, RocketNews24 has been closely monitoring the unrest occurring in the Ukraine over the past year. With several journalists embedded on both sides of the conflict we have continued to bring you the most detailed coverage of this complex situation.

And now a shocking new revelation has come to light via a Twitter user. If the source is correct, this is an image of a Ukrainian soldier standing in front of a poster for the harem-comedic manga and anime Kiss X Sis. This could very well mean the Ukrainian forces have been receiving aid from otaku without UN Security Counsel approval.

“So this Ukrainian soldier has a Kiss X Sis poster hanging on the wall.”

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Kiss X Sis is a long-running manga series which revolves around young Keita Suminoe and his twin stepsisters Ako and Riko. As they grow older the girls begin to have more romantic feelings toward their legally related sibling and zany Three’s Company-esque antics ensue.

Image: Amazon

It has been scientifically proven by my older brother, who used to repeatedly kick the crap out of me, that the presence of comics laden with sexual innuendo raise battle effectiveness by 27%. This makes the presence of Kiss X Sis a significant advantage for Ukrainian national forces.

However, if proven that the otaku have been supplying troops with said material without authorization, the global community may strike back in the form of sanctions. Even worse, this would not be seen favorably by the separatist Crimean Prosecutor General and object of otaku worship, Natalia Poklonskaya.

Not wanting to take any chances, the otaku community has been passing around this political football amongst their subcultures. A wotaku spokesperson said that they have been way too busy building Studio Ghibli set pieces in Minecraft to get involved in any civil conflicts this year. In closing the spokesperson alluded to the much maligned kimo-otaku or “gross otaku” faction, citing Kiss X Sis’s incestuous overtones, gratuitous panty-shots, and pee jokes as “all kinda gross when you think about it, isn’t it? Am I right?”

Image: Amazon

A kimo-otaku spokesperson vehemently denied the allegations stating that Kiss X Sis was “tame” compared to the stuff he was into, before dabbing at his oily face with an undersized and long neglected Pupa T-shirt.

In the end, no official charges were laid against the otaku as the circumstances behind the photo are unclear. Ukrainian solders have been known to form impromptu barracks in places like schools where that poster might have been previously hung. Even the person who tweeted the images could only speculate that the poster might have been sent by one of the soldiers’ family members as it was hung next to what appears to be children’s drawings.

Whether or not this is even a Ukrainian soldier is even in question. I’m inclined to believe it is though, as the Twitter user who posted it seems to know an awful lot about the conflict in the Ukraine based on their other tweets. You could almost say they’re a Ukraine conflict…otaku? Hmmm…

Source: Twitter via Hamusoku (Japanese)
Video: YouTube/Enjoykin