Cosplay has been gaining popularity in many countries all over the world in recent years. Together with the increasing number of cosplayers, we’ve also noticed more geeky parents passing down their passion for cosplay to their offspring, which is generally well-received because these little cosplayers always overwhelm us with an overdose of cuteness.

We’ve seen many cute cosplaying kids, but when it comes to channeling the sass and aura of cool characters, eight-year-old Serreniethy Fionah from the Philippines is by far the coolest little cosplayer we’ve seen! Check out her awesome costumes and poses after the break!

When we think of Japanese superhero franchise Kamen Rider, it’s common to think of it as a “boy’s kinda thing”. Gender marketing has convinced many adults and children alike, that girls are “supposed” to play with dolls and cooking sets while boys play with robots and action figures of superheroes, but the heart knows what it wants best, even at a young age.

▼ Some girls like superheroes and robots too!

While many eight-year-old girls may be collecting stuff from the Disney princess franchise, or barbie dolls, Serreniethy Fionah is collecting sentai and Kamen Rider action figures and toys. Not only does she collect the toys, she enjoys cosplaying as her favorite masked riders, and packs a powerful punch with her on point poses!

Serreniethy has done cosplays of other characters, including female characters as well, and her Facebook page dates back to 2012. Even as early as then, she had already mastered her intense gaze – this girl’s a natural at cosplaying kick-ass characters!

▼ But of course, she can hide her deat-stare and flash a sweet smile if she wants to.

Isn’t it comforting to know that not ever little girl is dreaming of becoming Elsa or Anna? We could certainly do with more sassy little heroines.

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Source/images: Facebook (Serreniethy Fionah)