You may already be familiar with YOKU MOKU – the Japanese sweets company famous for its sugar cigar cookies. Well it turns out that the company has outdone itself this summer, as it has just brought out a new product called Cigare ice cream – luxurious cigar-shaped cookies filled with, yup, ice cream. And, as you might imagine, Japanese sweet-lovers are already raving about them online…

Cigare ice cream will only be around until the end of the summer months, so Japanese consumers are getting their fix while they can. The product is already hugely popular and Japanese consumers are raving about it online.

▼ “ZOMG what is this!??!”

There are two box options available for purchase: a vanilla box with 20 rolls or a chocolate and vanilla box containing 10 of each type. The good news is, there’s no need to go out and brave the summer heat to get your hands on this special ice cream since it can only be purchased online either through the YOKU MOKU store or Rakuten. The bad news is that the cigars don’t come cheap: a single box costs 5,400 yen (US$43), though thankfully that price includes tax and postage.

Still, pricey or not, the buttery light cookie rolls filled with sweet refreshing ice-cream sound like the perfect dessert to enjoy while sitting back with a nightcap or a cup of strong iced coffee this summer.


While we’d take ice cream-filled cigars over the real thing any day of the week, we have a feeling these things would be just as addictive…

Source: macaroni, YOKU MOKU
Featured/insert image:Rakuten