Artist and accessory-maker Jiro Miura sculpts animal figures, earrings, and more, but what we’re particularly crazy about is these adorable, lifelike animal rings that cling to your finger with their little tails, legs and paws. There are so many animals to choose from, from hedgehogs to fennec foxes, and since each ring is custom made, even if you can’t find your favorite animal Jiro is sure to be able to make it.

Take a look at more of these super cute cling rings below!

Tokyo-born artist Jiro Miura now lives in the Kyushu area of Japan, selling his order-made, hand-sculpted animal figures and accessories at various animal expos and events, and even has an online store (Japanese only, sorry).

To make his lifelike creations, Jiro first prepares all of the different colors of clay he will need, then skillfully molds them together like magic to make each individual little animal.


Since they’re handmade, no one ring will resemble another, meaning the ring you get is really one of a kind! And who wouldn’t love to have a little fennec fox curled up on their hand?


Or some adorable lovey-dovey love birds perched in their finger?


Jiro’s rings can be ordered from his Rakuten shop online for 1,620 yen (US$13.64), and a number of other accessories and custom requests can be made at his personal website.






There are too many cute ones to choose from, if you’re not careful you may end up with an entire zoo in your jewelry box!

Source and images: Count blue via Artist Database
Featured image: CLiNG Rakuten Store edited by RocketNews24