Summers in Japan are pretty warm. In fact, one might got a bit further than that and say that they are down right hot. Of course, there are many places in the world that are hotter and more humid, but knowing that doesn’t help those of us sweating over here now!

One home remedy popular in Japan is grated daikon, or Japanese white radish. Of course, if you’re not a fan of radish, this might not be an easy medicine to swallow, but fortunately Japanese Twitter users know just how to get you to eat it: with some of the cutest food ever! Get ready to beat the heat and go “Awwwww!” at the same time!

As it turns out, all of the tweets below are from the cold months of 2014, but daikon is daikon regardless of when it was photographed, so consider these inspiration for how to prepare your radish to help survive the summer!

▼ “Hannin ha Yasu!”

For our first image, we have a reference to The Portopia Serial Murder Case, an NES game released in the 80s. A detective game, it turns out that the player’s helper, Yasu, was the actual culprit, or “hannin” in Japanese. It looks like Yasu has struck again and killed the poor Daikon Man!

Above we have an adorable araiguma (a raccoon) belly-flopping into a bowl of soup! Perhaps not the best idea from the perspective of actually eat anything!

It looks like even our robotic buddy Doraemon is panting in the heat of a bowl of nabe, kind of like what we’re doing this summer!

The tweet above may be from the height of autumn, but the photo is full of summer food, from shio yaki (broiled fish with salt) to grated daikon in the form of a cat! Man, I really miss autumn right now…

And now for something completely different, we have baked eggs and an adorable bird made of grated daikon! This is far too adorable to eat.

Quick, someone get the lifeguard! This daikon teddy bear is drowning in nabe!


Well, this daikon Marilyn Manson isn’t exactly cute and we definitely don’t want to eat it, but we do admire the craftsmanship that went into it! Maybe we can get it to sing some hits from Mechanical Daikon or Antichirst Daikonstar…


The Twitter user above apparently spent 30 minutes on this daikon art, making a grated radish version of her pet cat. We bet it was a lot of work, but the results are marvelous!

Well, this one is definitely too cute to eat: a capybara and kids bathing in stew. They’re even getting sleepy. Awwwwww! That’s it. We’re never eating daikon again!

Chicken daikon burgers? We have no idea how someone ever came up with this idea, but it’s both adorable and slightly traumatizing if you don’t realize the burger patties are supposed to be the bodies. Otherwise, this is just daikon chicken heads served on plates made of meat!

Here’s a happy puppy peeking out of a bush, er, bowl of nabe, that is!

And, of course, there’s always a character from Yo-kai Watch to be found! Jibanyan’s body was apparently made by combining grated white radish with kanzuri, and the eyes and belt were made with eggs. Oh, and his bell is actually just edamame! We think this is one time when it’s okay to play with your food.

Did someone request a daikon alpaca? Because we have one right here for you!

And finally, it looks like Twitter user Yoshi made a frog out of daikon. Yoshi wrote about feeling a guilty about sticking the chopsticks in…but at least it was tasty!

Well, we’d much rather have cool weather than adorable daikon art, but if we can’t have better weather, we’ll have to settle for the daikon art! Now, someone needs to make a daikon Mr. Sato and see if we can get him to eat it. Maybe if we had $10?

Source: Curazy
Image: Twitter (@bar_nyan)