It’s no secret that for many people in Japan, paler skin is better. In fact, you’ll often seen women strolling down the street on sunny days with parasols open wide and long sleeves pulled over their forearms. But what about all our cosplay-loving friends who often find themselves standing out in the sun for hours at a time?

Many of them are also trying to replicate the look of characters who may be as white as Casper the Friendly Ghost, but that’s difficult to maintain after roasting all afternoon. And that’s where Oneday Brightening, a cream that does exactly what its name says, comes in. The cream has made a splash online recently with cosplayers posting photos of the difference this product makes!

▼ Like this!

[tweet https://twitter.com/toshii0505/status/628219854160445440 align=center]

As you can see above, one Twitter user found this Oneday Brightener at Don Quixote in Ikebukuro and decided to try it out. She applied the lotion to her left leg only to take the photo. The results are definitely noticeable!

[tweet https://twitter.com/yuridark6/status/625587625248710657 align=center]

A lot of the hubbub online seems to have started thanks to the above post by @yuridark6, who praised the lotion in her tweet. In another tweet, she seems particularly happy about how easy it is to apply and mentions that it’s great for photoshoots. She does, however, also state that the lotion has a strong smell and some will come off if you touch it.

▼ Another example by a different cosplayer.

[tweet https://twitter.com/xkiriyax/status/625996775225069568 align=center] [tweet https://twitter.com/akitonoko/status/624010677196210179 align=center]

Another cosplayer demonstrated the power of Oneday Brightener with the photo above, but leaves us with a very good question: How does it stand up against sweat?

[tweet https://twitter.com/_okome/status/625873675808473088 align=center]

This last cosplayer reports using Oneday Brightener instead of foundation when cosplaying as Tsurumaru or Ichigo (both from Touken Ranbu) as the characters have very pale skin. As the Twitter user notes, the brightener was used for both of the photos above, though with the shadow in the Ichigo photo, it’s kind of hard to tell.

While we should all obviously be careful about getting sunburns in general, if you’re a cosplayer looking for a way to achieve a certain look, it seems that Oneday Brightener is the way to go! Though we have to admit that we’re also perfectly happy with just staying inside all day where the air conditioner is…

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter (@yuridark6)