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In general, rhythm games don’t have graphics so much as displays. Most of the time the player’s eyes are focused on the series of notes flowing down from the top of the screen, and everything else that’s happening visually is actually sort of a distraction.

But what if you simplified things? If you made the rhythm constant, and didn’t specify which button the player has to press in time with the music, you could free his gaze and let him look wherever he wants. In that case, you might as well reward him for skilled play with some panty flashes, and punish his mistakes with a muscular male crotch.

Japanese music video channel Space Shower TV is all about the blending of sound and images, and for its latest promotion decided to mix two things (well, technically three things) that always attract attention: rock and roll and panties.

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Prominently featured in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Panty campaign are 20-year-old model Hikari Shiina (also known as Pikarin) and rock band King Brothers. In this promotional video, as guitarist Maya jams on his guitar, Zoni pounds on the drums, and Keizo wails into the mike, the sounds are fed through a wind-generation system that produces stronger gusts for greater volume, and channels the blasts of air out through the top of a gigantic subwoofer that Shiina is standing on…while wearing a skirt, of course.

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But you can still get in on the underwear-exposing action even without this complicated setup. As long as you’ve got a smartphone or PC, you can enjoy the free-to-play Rock ‘n’ Roll Panty browser game, which is found right here.

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After clicking on OK to start the music, you’re greeted by an image of Shiina staring back at you. Tap on any of the three buttons (guitar, drum, or rock vocal) along with the beat, and you’ll be treated to a panty flip.

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String together enough properly timed notes in a row, and the game enters Fever Mode, with a quadruple helping of female undies.

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Of course, games are all about balancing risk, reward, and consequences. So while playing better ups the panty count, a mistimed tap instead shoves this in your face.

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The pelvic gyrations even keep time with the beat, as a helpful example of the proper rhythm. Of course, if the muscular male form is more to your tastes than the female backside, you can instead try to keep up a constant stream of visits from the muscle man by intentionally playing opposite the target rhythm. As a matter of fact, considering the even pauses between beats, it’s actually as hard to intentionally miss a note as it is to time it properly, meaning the game is equally challenging regardless of which goal you’re aiming for.

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The song only lasts for 30 seconds, and once it’s over, your score and level are displayed. You’re also given a play style title, such as “Silent Crash Symbol Panty of Memory,” “My Friend Mix Voice Panty Skywalker,” “Exhaust Panty Tremor of Rock,” “Amateur Pink Scratch Panty on the Beach,” or “Amazing Light Band Panty If You Can.”

▼ That last one requires a particularly high score.

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At the very end, you’re presented with options to try again, or to share your panty play style on Twitter or Facebook. Oddly enough, there’s no option to completely conceal this information from your friends and acquaintances, but maybe that’ll be a feature if there’s ever a sequel.

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Source: IT Media
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