Every year from August 2 to 7, giant illuminated floats of Japanese warriors are paraded through the streets of Aomori City, in the northern-most prefecture on Japan’s main island of Honshu, for the famous Nebuta Festival. Counted as one of the three biggest festivals in Japan, it attracts up to three million visitors each year, but this year, some new, out-of-this-world warriors made an appearance at the festival.

The floats at Nebuta typically show scenes of warriors in battle, like this:

But this year, some less-traditional floats have been making an appearance, featuring everyone’s favorite Jedi, enemies, and friends.

Twitter user t_shicho has been updating his account with more colorful photos of the festival, so be sure to follow his account for more!

Source: Twitter/@t_shicho h/t Kotaku US
Top image: Twitter/@t_shicho