By now, you’ve probably heard that luxury car maker Lexus has made a hoverboard. Yes, it requires a supercooled magnet, and, yes, you’ll also need a magnetic rail to ride it, so it’s not quite Back to the Future II just yet, but the second you see someone float/hover/ride over water is the moment you will weep tears of joy and instantly believe that “there is no such thing as impossible. It’s just a matter of figuring out how.”

See Lexus’ much-rumored hoverboard in action after the jump!

The quote above is direct from the mouth of Haruhiko Tanahashi, chief engineer of the Japanese car company Lexus. If this were any other day, we might be tempted to scoff and write Haruhiko’s words off as a pretty quote without much substance. But today was the day that Lexus officially presented their hoverboard to the world in stunning high-definition action.

▼ Okay, fine, Haruhiko, you win. We’re inspired.


It’s been quite a few months since Lexus started teasing the Slide, and while they’ve been forthright about how it actually works, we have to admit we’ve been skeptical. Even with video from Lexus and a number of media outlets, we’re still waiting for some jerk to jump out and shout, “Haha! Fooled you!” But until then, we’re happy to just keep pounding the replay button on this video!

As Ross McGouran, professional skateboarder, said in the last video, “This is actually floating on air.” The daredevil elaborates in this newest video by demonstrating what it means to literally float on air. In addition to looking almost exactly not real, the board basically has no friction — a fact which causes even a professional to fall more than a number of times. But that moment when he rides over the water? That’ll be in all of our dreams for the next year.

▼ Our “wet dreams,” if you will.


If you’re anything like us, you’re probably craving more information about this piece of techno-wizardy. Fortunately, Lexus has uploaded a number of videos providing glimpses into the production process and the actual “hoverpark” itself.

▼ Evolution of the hoverboard

▼ An aerial tour of the hoverpark

▼ Testing the hoverboard

▼ Lexus representatives discussing the motivation for the hoverboard

But maybe you’re still not sure you believe everything that Lexus says. After all, they’re trying to make themselves look good, right? Well, for a more objective perspective, check out this video from Jalopnik featuring professional racecar driver Robb Holland. The video also gives a bit more details about the rails necessary to keep the hoverboard in the air.

As Ross notes, the board isn’t particularly stable, which makes sense, we suppose, but we wouldn’t mind getting a chance to try it for ourselves, so let us know if you need some more victims, Lexus! We’ll happy fall on our faces as long as we’re falling off your hoverboard!

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Images: YouTube (Lexus International)